C&M plant – Safety

C&M plant has a ‘blue chip’ customer base operating truck mounted vacuum sweepers in one of the busiest, most demanding urban environments in Europe.
Units operated by C&M plant being among the cleanest and most highly – specked machines in London has won them prestigious contracts such as ‘Crossrail’.

C&M plant puts safety of drivers and members of public to the fore by fitting many innovative safety features to C&M plant truck mounted sweepers.

  • Colour coded front bumpers
  • Bright ‘Traffic yellow’ mirrors, steps and other safety related fittings.
  • Full 360 degree CCTV system and driver cam
  • A right turn camera that activates the drivers in cab screen when right turn indicator is used.
  • Glazed lower window on the off side door
  • High intensity flashing yellow lights, front side and rear
  • High viz yellow discs on top of rotating brushes and flashing led lights
  • For night working the whole of the brush gear is illuminated by LED lamps
  • PTO safety interlock

C&M plant’s work on sweeper safety has come to the attention of sweeper manufactures such as Faun Viatec in Germany and Johnston sweepers who have taken on board some of the safety features like Hi-viz yellow brush tops.

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